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For several years we have been dealing with repairs, programming, coding, engine optimization, software updates and retrofitting.

A majority of satisfied customers, years of experience and first-class solutions speak for us.

We specialize in BMW. We are a registered BMW-free workshop.

HWK Rolle / Road no .: 305 645


Our qualifications

a woman holding steering wheel with seat belt fastened while driving a car on the road

Proof of expertise in airbag and belt tensioner systems

multimeter or voltmeter testing car battery

Expert in high-voltage (HV) systems in motor vehicles

Mechanic with manometer inspecting auto vehicle air-condition co

Certificate of competence in air conditioning systems R134a and R1234YF

Our services

Vehicle update and vehicle coding

Vehicle diagnostics

Engine optimization / chip tuning /

KAT, DPF and EGR Off for motorsport

Vehicle retrofitting

Vehicle repairs

Electronics repairs

Service / transmission oil change / engine oil change / brakes

VTG FXX repairs


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We have been dealing with diagnostics in vehicle technology for years.
From deeper vehicle diagnostics to reading, interpreting and deleting errors, resetting of service and maintenance data,
Access to live data from the sensors, actuators, exhaust gas data up to the special plans and functions such as teaching the injectors, service regeneration of particle filters, commissioning of the various control units or actuators.
Troubleshooting according to circuit diagrams and measurements in various areas of automotive technology are also no stranger to us.

Worker Shaking Hands with Client in Car Service Shop
Mechanics choose a removal tool for fixing the car.
Technician with notebook, car with opened hood

Assistance with vehicle purchase

Assistance with vehicle purchase

Do you want to buy a car but you are not sure whether your new car is in good condition?
We are the solution to your problem!
We will check your future car!
We can offer you the following services: