Performance Increase

Performance increase / chip tuning / optimization


Is chip tuning safe? Every engine has a certain reserve, which is a certain security for the manufacturer. In addition, engines are equipped with the same program (maps) for all markets (from Spain, a hot country, to Russia, a cold country).

If you look at these aspects, there is a potential that can be exploited in the car. Manufacturers, for example, modify / improve their maps themselves with new updates.
Chiptuning richtig durchgeführt nutzt diese Reserven aus.

The manufacturer rather uses the parameters that guarantee safe, long and eternal use. Not the ones that make the engine more powerful, more powerful and so it consumes less. The same engines are deliberately throttled for some markets to make costs (insurance for example) cheaper.

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Close-up electronic circuit board with micro chips

A performance increase / optimization is best carried out with turbo diesel and turbo gasoline engines (approx. 20-30% more power and torque increase around the 30%). With a naturally aspirated engine, a purely electronic increase in performance (about 8-10%) brings very little growth. However, this can result in lower fuel consumption since the maps are optimized.

The power of two identical motors can have a different effect even with chip tuning. If it has not been serviced and has a long service life, then it will have a different performance than a fresh, new engine. That is why even comparing two identical cars on a dynamometer can produce different results.

Fuel consumption actually depends on the driving style of the driver. Since the engine is optimized for chip tuning in the lower and middle range, it can result in lower fuel consumption and at full power it can be the other way around, since high performance does not only come from the air.

The fuel savings were also confirmed by the drivers who optimized their car.

Any modification to the maps should and must be carried out individually.

Although it is sometimes the same model, these cars may have different programs (depending on equipment, year and ECU update).

That is why it is not recommended to upload ready-made maps, as a good run of the engine is not guaranteed. You don't know what kind of program it is.

A chip tuning in 5 minutes cannot go well. You should treat yourself to this service.

Chiptuning is not a pure increase in performance, but an optimization and such a service should be received.

Transmission optimization

Automatic Transmission Drive

+++ xHP base +++

+++++ 6HP / 8HP Automatikgetriebe Tuning Optimierung BMW +++++

Optimization in 3 stages: Stage1, Stage2, Stage3.

What does it entail?
- Gear display in the speedometer display
- Optimized switching points in program D
- In D / S around 25% faster switching processes
- Faster gear changes in M.
- Faster reaction to manual switching commands
- Automatic double-declutching when downshifting in M mode
- No more forced upshift in M - "True Manual Mode"
- Optimized shifting points when driving uphill / downhill, no more hectic shifting operations on inclines
Optimized warm-up behavior
In gears 1 - 3 optimized control of the torque converter lock-up, less slip, more direct starting
Raising the torque limit (above all optimized motors!)

Driving fast with a sport car


Do you have an error entry, all possible repair attempts have been unsuccessful? Changed several parts, checked all lines and still the error cannot be deleted?

We deactivate DTC in your engine control unit


Deactivate DPF diesel particulate filter electronically (*)

- Error in the diesel control unit

- DPF expanded e.g. for engine running

- Engine emergency program or constant regeneration


* StvZo not permitted or new techn. acceptance

Car Mechanic with Computer

Deactivate EGR

Do you constantly have problems with EGR that your workshop has not gotten to grips with?

Has it already been exchanged or washed and no repair success has been achieved?

We deactivate your EGR electronically, this will never cause problems again!