Often the control units that are installed in the car cannot be programmed with workshop tester. If so, the control units are removed and programmed directly on the modules.

We solder out the corresponding components and program them directly as required.

You need a copy of your engine control unit, this can be made, for example, before the update at the dealer, so that your chip tuning is not lost.

Update of control units, the latest systems are often delivered with faulty software. Car manufacturers improve the software's functionality or fix software errors. Cars are then updated with the latest software.

Such an update can be carried out safely and professionally on your BMW. We only use original BMW tools so that the update can be carried out from our side without any problems.

Hacker using computer, smartphone and coding to steal password and private data remotely from car
WFS / key / start ERROR

Broken key? Engine control unit exchanged for a used one? Motor swap?

We deactivate or repair your WFS!

We will create a new BMW or Mercedes key for you.

We have several solutions for most car brands and how to bypass, switch off or relearn the immobilizer.

We eliminate the start error error on Mercedes vehicles, which prevents the vehicle from starting.


Have you saved internal fault codes or accident data in the airbag control unit? Airbags or seat belt tensioners triggered?

Have your airbag control unit repaired!


Possible error codes:

  • Internal control unit error
  • Crash / accident saved
Engine control unit cloning

With our various tools we are able to clone, copy and backup engine control units.

We can change and save data such as VIN, ISN code in the engine control units.


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