Auto-Diagnose offers car repairs from car electrics / car electronics to mechanical repairs of all kinds.
Inspections and maintenance according to BMW specifications, vehicle care, brake service, disc replacement, transmission oil change, chassis repairs, etc. are carried out in our professionally equipped workshop.
A wide range of diagnostic devices help us to localize and eliminate a problem.
Your car is in good hands with us!

Male mechanic refills air conditioner, car service
MASK 1, MASK2, Champ 1, Business Navigation System Repair Service Failure Bmw E60, E61, E90, E70, E87

Defect characteristics:

- Black screen

- BMW logo

- restart

- Black screen with fan noise

- Defect after update / programming

- Power consumption / the vehicle cannot fall asleep

Navigation systems CCC with 2 drives

If the navigation CCC boots in your BMW in a circle, hangs on the BMW logo, restarts after a certain time, we are the right partner to make your computer functional!

You only pay when your computer is up and running again!

The navigation system must be re-encoded after the repair on your car!

MULF TCU Combox BMW repair

You do not hear any sound from the navigation system, you have crashes, your Idrive turns partially empty, you can hear background noises from the loudspeakers ...
Your Bluetooth car phone is not working!
Then your MULF / telephone module should be defective!

We can repair this professionally!

Repair process:

You remove the Mulf / telephone module and send it to us or you come by in person.
Pack it well.
Put a piece of paper with the contact details such as address, telephone number, vehicle registration number of the vehicle


You have problems with ELV (electric steering wheel lock) BMW E60, E90, E70.
Steering wheel cannot be unlocked, lock in the speedometer / display?
Electric steering wheel lock defective?
Repair costs of over € 800 to € 2500?

We program your ELV completely.

ELV Mercedes

You have problems with ELV / ESL steering wheel lock / steering wheel lock (electric steering wheel lock)
Mercedes MB W204, W207, W212.

Steering wheel cannot be unlocked?
Electric steering wheel lock defective?
Can't start?
Is your ignition lock locked?
Is your steering wheel lock electronically locked?

With these models, the ELV is often a problem and can be repaired. The dealer offers an expensive exchange of ESL with programming!
Repair costs of over 1000 €?

FRM / PDC / Idrive

PDC control unit

Defect characteristics:
0x9E3B Error location: converter supply

This error is caused by defective PDC sensors and causes a short circuit in the control unit!
It is important that the actual source of the error - PDC sensor / sensors are found and replaced !!!!

FRM repair

FRM, footwell module, footwell light module Repair after an unsuccessful update, programming or coding!
No communication with FRM! Short circuit error!
FRM, FRM II and FRM3R all versions!

Possible symptoms / errors:

  • No diagnosis with the FRm possible
  • Failure of indicators, window lifters, central locking
  • Lighting system! Stop carefully
  • Low beam on permanently

 Possible causes:

  • Coding or diagnosis via smartphone
  • Voltage drop or fluctuation

Disconnect and reconnect the battery, weak battery, undervoltage, start with a weak battery

IDRIVE BMW repairs

Your problem:
You press the rotary knob and there is no confirmation in the menu on the monitor, you cannot select anything.
Functions such as turning left, right, up and down are available.


Repair service electric handbrake BMW E70 E71 X5 X6

- Your handbrake no longer works
- Your handbrake is no longer applied
- Error in the error memory - Internal error
- Error in the speedometer
- Control unit faulty

New price at BMW dealer € 900?

We successfully overhaul your handbrake
New parts such as ropes, the engine and electronic components are installed.

Air conditioning service Air conditioning maintenance: R134a and R1234yf air conditioning

An air conditioning system is filled with a refrigerant. This loses approx. 14-15% of the refrigerant in one year.


To ensure that the air conditioning works properly, it should be checked once a year.

As part of air conditioning maintenance, the air conditioning system is checked for function and the system is checked for leaks, changing / topping up the refrigerant and compressor oil (if the system is empty, the air conditioning system must first be checked for damage / leaks and is not part of air conditioning maintenance).


We serve old and new systems - refrigerants R134a and R1234yf!


Air conditioning and interior disinfection odor elimination


The cooled air creates condensate in the air distributor housing. They can form deposits on these, which can become foodstuffs for fungi, germs and bacteria.

Later, the air in the interior becomes uncomfortable, stuffy and musty. This problem is eliminated with an OZONE GENERATOR for industrial areas.


Concentrated ozone is produced in the interior, which kills all bacteria, fungi and germs without any problems.


This will remove all odors. Very suitable for allergy sufferers. No chemicals or additives are used, so this technology is natural and environmentally friendly.

The pollen / dust filter is also checked and, if necessary, changed at an additional cost.

BMW VW AUDI coked valves clean walnut blaster granules

We offer cleaning of the intake manifold and the coked inlet valves with walnut granules using the wallnut blasting technique.
With the help of the original BMW tool point blasting device PG 5-8 and a suitable cylinder head adapter, we gently clean chemical-free coked inlet valves with walnut granules.

On all diesel engines and gasoline direct injection engines, the inlet valves and ducts coke after 100,000 km.

This leads to uneven engine running, loss of power, engine lamp, increased fuel consumption, deteriorated emission control.

With high pressure, small, soft walnut shell kernels are blasted into the channel and onto the valves on it and the loosened dirt is sucked out with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

After cleaning, the valves and intake ducts look like new!

Wallnut blaster cleaning, in contrast to cleaning, is not harmful to the engine, no liquid penetrates the oil. This will not clog the DPF.
No chemical substances are used in cleaning.

Cleaning is used on all gasoline direct injection and diesel engines.

For all TSI, TFSI VW, Audi Skoda, Seat vehicles!

BMW engines:
N54 | N55
N14 | N18 | B480 | B58 | B36A0 | B38A0 | B38B0 | B46A0 | B46B0 | B48A0 |
B48B0 | N63B0 | N63B1 | S63B0 | S63B2 | N63B2 | M47 | M57 | N57 | N47D1 | N47C1 | B47D0 | B47C0 |
B37D0 | B37C0 | M47 | M47TU | M47T2 | M57 | M57TU | M57T2 | N57 |
N47D1 | N47C1 | B47D0 | B47C0 | B37D0 | B37C0 | N46T

In addition, clogged and clogged intake manifolds in diesel engines are mechanically and chemically cleaned so that the engine can breathe again.
Jammed swirl flaps can be opened and closed again in full motion by the motor control!